Composition Notebook Entries, IB 2

    13. 11-6-17: Key word: Race in America. First, in one sentence, list at least 3 ways you would identify if someone asked you "Who are you?" and you couldn't answer with your name. Next, in a paragraph or more, address one or more of the following prompts: Is the issue of race in America over-discussed in school? Is the issue of Race in America something you'd like to see talked about more or less in general? What, exactly, is "race"?

    12. 10-24-17: Key word: Chapter 7. Read Chapter 7 in Sound and Sense; as CN #12, write a one paragraph essay exploring one of the poems after the line on page 127. Please use at least one of the terms in the title of the chapter and please explore the effect of this technique.

    11. 10-23-17: Key word: Intro to Kunitz. Ms. Nott gave some basic "things to know" notes as an introduction to the work of Stanley Kunitz. (Please get the notes from someone in class for this entry.)

    (Composition Notebook entries 1 through 10 were graded in October.)

    10. 10-10-17: Key word: Basic Writing Lecture. (Please copy notes from a class mate in any hour.)

    9. 10-5-17: Key word: Song. pick a poem or a song lyric to present to the class. Anything goes, but we will want to be able to put the poem or song up on the big screen, so find it on your phone. Be ready to tell us the following: speaker, purpose, one or two interesting words and the effect of two examples of imagery.

    8. 10-5-17: Key word: Chapter 4. Read Chapter 4 in Sound and Sense. Then, read Frost’s “After Apple Picking” on page 66.  For CN #8, make a list of imagery that appeals to all 5 of the senses.

    7. 10-4-17: Key word: Chapter 3. For CN #7, pick any poem after the line on page 49 and write a paragraph on the effect of one or two words in the poem.

    6. 9-29-17: Key word: Chapter 2. Read Chapter 2 of Sound and Sense. After you have read the chapter, pick any poem after the line on page 34. As CN #6, answer the following questions in response to your selected poem: Who is the speaker? What is the occasion?

    5. 9-28-17: Key word: Sound and Sense, Chap 1. Read “Forward to Students” and Chapter 1 in Sound and Sense. As CN #5, agree and/or disagree with one statement by the author.

    4. 9-26-16: Key word: Poetry. Write a paragraph about your experience with poetry. Do you like or dislike it? Why? 

    3. 9-19: Key word: Goal. What is a goal you have for English class this year? This can be a short entry; a sentence might just do it! Also, is there anything Ms. Nott should know to be a better teacher for your needs? This CN #3 is a chance to tell her! 

    2. 9-14-16: Key word: Diction and Syntax. This was a lecture; please copy the notes from someone. 

    1. 9-12-17: Key word: Modern Modest Proposals.  What is the stated and implied thesis of "A Modest Proposal for Improving a Dull Game"? What is the stated and implied thesis of "Let Them Eat Dog" by Foer?  

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