Theory of Knowledge, Class of 2016

Homework beginning 3rd Quarter:

Updates given in class on Monday, 3/7: 
  • Notes on forms: See handout below labeled "TOK Upload and Form Instructions"
  • All forms are offered below. Be sure to save with your name and send to Ms. Nott

Due Date Reminders: 
  • The final copy of your prescribed essay is due to Turnitin and a hard copy to Nott or Moon on Tuesday, March 2, by 7th hour. (See Nott's door for groups on Tuesday.) 
  • Turnitin Code for the Prescribed Essay: 11810628; password: nnott 
  • Please see handout for specifics.(A copy is attached at the bottom of this screen as "Prescribed Submit, 2016" in a Word document.) 

Homework from the end of 2nd Quarter 

1. Due Thursday, January 21: Your prewriting form for the TOK essay. This handout was distributed on Friday, January 8. 

2. Due January 12, the uploaded and printed Planning Document for the TOK paper. 

3. Sunday, January 31, EE in to TurnItin: Final Copy including works cited/bibliography and abstract. (Note: It will be possible to make some changes after this date.) Your copy of the EE, in the yellow folder, is due when your supervisor tells you it is due. 

4. Thursday, January 28: Essay on Prescribed Title. Hard copy of the completed essay--which should be a fully developed draft--is due by 7:30 AM. Paper may be submitted early. Any students who have not completed their paper by this time should sit in Mr. Moon's room and write the essay during the exam period. 


Quarter 2: 

Due--12/16/15: This reflection should feature either history or art and address one of the titles. However, students interested in another approach are also allowed to develop the reflection in any fashion they choose. 

Due--12/8/15: Your next reflection is due on Tuesday, 12/8, on history or art. Try to do some if not most of the following: use the concepts you have learned and discussed in class; refer to assigned readings; discuss and explore Real Life Situations (RLS) and compose and explore a Knowledge Question (KQ); use one of the IB TOK titles and apply the title to this Area of Knowledge (AK); explore the application of Shared and Personal Knowledge; work on presenting points and counter-points--arguments and counter arguments. 

All students--in both Moon and Nott--have a reading assignment due on Monday, 12/7. 

Thanks, N.

Due--11/30/15: Notes on all small group presentations; reflection on one new Way of Knowing presented. 

Due--11/13/15: Reflection is due this Friday. Your topic choice is pretty open, but you should try to write at least one Knowledge Question and use at least one Real Life Situation. Show what you have been learning in TOK. Also, you can always use the Prescribed Titles you were given as a way to offer your reflection. 

Quarter 1, below

Due--10/30/15: Both Nott and Moon--odd and even--have reflections due on Friday. Ask them for topic specific instructions. Not sure? Reflect using what you've come to think about in TOK this week!

Due--10/19//15: Weekly Reflection is due from both groups; Ms. Nott would like the Blue Group to start to play around with the Prescribed Titles distributed in class on Friday, 10/16. (The Document is posted below.) 

Due--10/13/15: Weekly Reflection is open topic; Ms. Nott suggests students ponder the language questions the Blue group generated and/or consider a reflection that links sense perception and language as a way of knowing. 

Due--10/5/15: Weekly Reflection is due on Monday for both sections. For Nott's section: pick one of the questions on the list of 26 questions generated by the class. Explore the question in detail. If needed, write questions about the question and attempt to answer them as well. Attempt to work BOTH a broad, theoretical question as well as a real life situation. 

Due--9/25/15: Topic: Reflect on your experiences so far in TOK. (Suggestions: Learner Profile: "Justified, True, Belief"; Ways of Knowing; real life situations in light of all we have discussed.) Suggested length: about a page. The more narrow the topic, the better.  

Due--9/14/15: Topic: Why did you decide to undertake earning the IB Diploma? How are you feeling about that decision now? (Assigned 9-10)

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